The metaBUS Team

Frank Bosco, Ph.D.
Frank Bosco, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Director
Frank Bosco is an Associate Professor of Management at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business. Frank was the founder of OPERATION CODEFIELD, through which the database structure, taxonomy, extraction algorithms, and coding processes were developed. These elements remain in use by metaBUS today.
Krista Uggerslev, Ph.D.
Krista Uggerslev, Ph.D.Co-Founder
Krista Uggerslev is Applied Research Chair in Leadership and Talent at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on solving the real-world challenges facing employers and governments, particularly around talent management and labor shortages.
Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.
Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Herman Aguinis is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at George Washington University’s School of Business. His research is interdisciplinary and addresses human capital acquisition, development, deployment, and research methods and analysis.
James Field, Ph.D.
James Field, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Jamie Field is an Assistant Professor of Management at West Virginia University.
Fred Oswald, Ph.D.
Fred Oswald, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Fred Oswald is Professor of Psychology at Rice University. His research interests include personality testing in personnel selection, non-cognitive test development, job classification, meta-analysis, and quantitative methods.
Charles Pierce, Ph.D.
Charles Pierce, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Chuck Pierce is the Great Oaks Foundation Professor of HR Management and Chair of the Dept of Management, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis. His research interests include workplace romance, sexual harassment, test bias and discrimination in employee selection, and organizational research methods (e.g., meta-analysis).
Kulraj Singh, Ph.D.
Kulraj Singh, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Kulraj Singh is an Assistant Professor of Management at Mississippi State University.

Current Collaborators

Lydia Craig (George Mason University)
Kathryn Doiron (Claremont Graduate University)
Kristi Lavigne (St. Louis University)
Elisa Torres (George Mason University)
Ze Zhu (George Mason University)

Project Alumni

Christopher Arnold (Bowling Green State University)
Bisi Atoba (Texas A&M University)
Benjamin Bass (Old Dominion University)
David Beane (Florida International University)
Nathan Bjornberg (Old Dominion University)
Enrique Cabrera-Caban (Old Dominion University)
Francoise Cadigan (University of Manitoba)
Austin Carter (University of Central Florida)
Nikki Carusone (University of Central Florida)
Julie Choi (University of Calgary)
Kate Ciarlante (University of Central Florida)
Daniel Dierolf (Wayne State University)
Benedict Fern (University of Nebraska)
Rebecca Garden (Old Dominion University)
Anna Goupal (University of Calgary)
Elnora Kelly (Georgia Institude of Technology)
Jasmine Khosravi (Bowling Green State University)
Jakob Koziel (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
Alejandra Matamala (Florida International University)
Madelynn Stackhouse (University of Calgary)
Mallory McCord (University of Central Florida)
Bridget McHugh (University of Central Florida)
David Mihm (University of Central Florida)
Priyanka Mitra-Hanhn (Baruch College)
Alec Munc (Clemson University)
Stephen Robertson (Clemson University)
Nicholas Smith (Portlant State University)
Piers Steel (University of Calgary)
Allison Wallace (Clemson University)
Jon Willford (George Washington University)
Peter Yu (Baruch College)
Zoe Zhang (Bowling Green State University)