The metaBUS Team

Frank Bosco, Ph.D.
Frank Bosco, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Director
Frank Bosco is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business. He conducts research on employee staffing, “Big Science,” and organizational research methods.
Krista Uggerslev, Ph.D.
Krista Uggerslev, Ph.D.Co-Founder
Krista Uggerslev is Applied Research Chair in Leadership and Talent at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on solving the real-world challenges facing employers and governments, particularly around talent management and labor shortages.

Next Steps for the Expanded metaBUS Team

  • Niels Van Quaquebeke (Germany) is leading development of cloud-based tools for flexible, versioned classification structures, which are key to being able to effectively curate science findings across all of the social sciences and humanities.
  • With Frank Bosco, Fred Oswald (U.S.) is working with various open science repositories to streamline the ingestion of new primary study findings and data into the metaBUS synthesis tools from the extant corpus of curated journals.
  • Wolfgang Viechtbauer (Netherlands) is leading software coding and optimization of the metafor package in R statistics to accommodate ‘big data’ from metaBUS.
  • Ron Humphrey (U.K.) is leading metadata design and curation of quantitative data from the European journal corpus.
  • John Amis (U.K.) is leading the inclusion of qualitative data for location of findings and potential integration through meta-synthesis with development of new data curation protocols.
  • Krista Uggerslev and Piers Steel (Canada) are building functionality to allow users to incorporate their own data for integration with the metaBUS software along with data translated from other languages and grey literature, which will enable users to generate comprehensive systematic reviews.
  • Osmar Zaiane (Canada) is leading development of a machine learning protocol to facilitate quicker data curation for ingestion of primary studies into the dataset.
Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.
Herman Aguinis, Ph.D.Core Team Member
Herman Aguinis is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at George Washington University’s School of Business. His research is interdisciplinary and addresses human capital acquisition, development, deployment, and research methods and analysis.
Sven Kepes, Ph.D.
Sven Kepes, Ph.D.Core Team Member
Sven Kepes is an Associate Professor of Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research interests include personnel selection, compensation, strategic human resource management, and research methods, particularly meta-analysis and publication bias.
Michael McDaniel, Ph.D.
Michael McDaniel, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Michael McDaniel is a Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business. His research interests include publication bias, racial differences in job performance, situational judgment tests, the effects of applicant faking on employment decisions and issues concerning older workers.
Fred Oswald, Ph.D.
Fred Oswald, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Fred Oswald is Professor of Psychology at Rice University. His research interests include personality testing in personnel selection, non-cognitive test development, job classification, meta-analysis, and quantitative methods.
Charles Pierce, Ph.D.
Charles Pierce, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member
Chuck Pierce is the Great Oaks Foundation Professor of HR Management and Chair of the Dept of Management, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis. His research interests include workplace romance, sexual harassment, test bias and discrimination in employee selection, and organizational research methods (e.g., meta-analysis).
James Field
James FieldCoding Team Supervisor Emeritus
Jamie Field is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Management.
Jasmine Khosravi, Ph.D.
Jasmine Khosravi, Ph.D.Postdoc
Jasmine Khosravi is a graduate of the Psychology program at Bowling Green State University. Her research interests include counterproductive work behaviors, occupational health psychology, personality, and personnel selection.
Kulraj Singh, Ph.D.
Kulraj Singh, Ph.D.Translational Research Team
Kulraj Singh is an Assistant Professor of Management at Mississippi State University.
John Amis, Ph.D.
John Amis, Ph.D.Core Team Member
John Amis is Professor of Strategic Management and Organisation in the University of Edinburgh Business School. He carries out research on organizational and institutional change, and organizational research methods.
Niels Van Quaquebeke, Ph.D.
Niels Van Quaquebeke, Ph.D.Taxonomy Development and Expansion
Niels Van Quaquebeke is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Kühne Logistics University, Germany. He studies organizational leadership and his next frontier is how to use Big Data in people analytics.
Sean Fynn
Sean FynnTechnical Team Lead
Sean Fynn is founder of MJF Solutions, Inc. and co-Founder of Evoco, Inc. He is a successful software entrepreneur who has a keen passion for data and software-as-a-service. Sean brings his excitement, enthusiasm and big data experience to architect the new metaBUS product platform.
Diane Lee
Diane LeeProject Manager
Dianne Lee is the metaBUS Project Manager.
Ron Humphrey, Ph.D.
Ron Humphrey, Ph.D.European Journal Expansion
Ron Humphrey is a professor at Lancaster University’s Management School. He is a recognized authority on the science of leadership and emotional intelligence.
Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Ph.D.
Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Ph.D.Software Coding and Optimization
Wolfgang Viechtbauer is a faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, School for Mental Health and Neuroscience, Maastricht University (Netherlands).
Osmar Zaiane, Ph.D.
Osmar Zaiane, Ph.D.Machine Learning Expansion
Osmar R. Zaiane is a researcher, computer scientist, professor at the University of Alberta specializing in data mining and machine learning.

Project Alumni

Piers Steel, Ph.D.
Piers Steel, Ph.D.
Piers Steel is Distinguished Chair Professor at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. He is a recognized authority on the science of motivation and procrastination. His research interests include personnel selection, culture, and systematic review.
Bisi Atoba
Bisi Atoba
Bisi Atoba is a doctoral student in I/O psychology at Texas A&M University.
Nathan Bjornberg
Nathan Bjornberg
Nathan Bjornberg is a doctoral student in I/O psychology at Old Dominion University. His research interests include collaboration in research and development, innovation, and teamwork processes.
Enrique Cabrera-Caban
Enrique Cabrera-Caban
Enrique Cabrera-Caban is a doctoral student in I/O psychology at Old Dominion University.
Rebecca Garden
Rebecca Garden
Rebecca Garden is a doctoral student in I/O psychology at Old Dominion University.
Anna Goupal
Anna Goupal
Anna Goupal is a master’s/doctoral student in I/O psychology at the University of Calgary. Her research interests include the dark side of personality, counterproductive work behaviors, unethical decision making, and organizational justice climate.
Jakob Koziel
Jakob Koziel
Jakob conducts research and program evaluation for the Mental Health and Addictions portfolio at Alberta Health Services in Edmonton, Alberta. Topics of interest include applied criminology, deviant behavior, predictive analytics, and others.
Alejandra Matamala
Alejandra Matamala
Alejandra Matamala is a doctoral student in the I/O Psychology program at Florida International University. Her research interests include work engagement, perceptions of organizational image, employee selection, and diversity training.
Madelynn Matthews
Madelynn Matthews
Madelynn Matthews is a PhD student at Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Her research interests include organizational culture & climate, leadership in the context of a multinational workforce, workplace transgressions, and scale development.
Mallory McCord
Mallory McCord
Mallory McCord is a doctoral student in the I/O Psychology program at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include occupational health and safety, workplace mistreatment, and individual differences including personality and emotional intelligence.
Bridget McHugh
Bridget McHugh
Bridget McHugh is an ABD student at the Emotions and Mood in Organizations Lab at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include emotion regulation, personality and selection, emotions and leadership, and virtualization.
Jon Willford
Jon Willford
Jon Willford is a Doctoral Student in I-O at George Washington University. His research interests focus on how technology is impacting the areas selection, recruitment, and training.