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The metaBUS Shiny application (, developed by Frank Bosco, remains available, sits atop the complete database (approximately 50,000 rows more than the application at and, owing to its reliance on the open R software platform, provides even more advanced functionality (e.g., multilevel meta-analytic estimation rather than bare-bones estimation). Note that the metaBUS database structure, taxonomy, and coding scheme developed by Frank Bosco, James Field, and Kulraj Singh during 2011-2013 (see Bosco, Aguinis, Singh, Field, & Pierce, 2015; Journal of Applied Psychology; Bosco, Singh, Field, & Pierce, 2013), is also used by Thus, the difference between the platforms boils down to software “skin.”

If you have any questions, or need help using the Shiny interface, please contact one of the metaBUS project directors (Frank Bosco [] or Krista Uggerslev []).

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